People I think are amazing!!!

Grayson Perry (left) Johnny Coca (right)


Grayson Perry is an English artist. He is mostly well known for his ceramic vases and potery, tapestries. Although I am a huge fan of his art, this is not the reason I think he is amazing. As we all know many people view cross dressing as ‘unproper’ or ‘inappropriate’. Although we are quickly coming to terms with cross dressing, it still must take a lot of courage to go out dressed as the opposite gender, I mean, if you ask a guy you know to dress up in a dress and makeup and have photos taken of him and put on the internet , the likely hood is he’ll say no (he may say yes). For his courage to dress how he wants, I think he is truely amazing.


Nick Vujicic was born with rare Tetra-amelia syndrome. He is missing both arms at shoulder level, both legs, having only one small foot with two toes protruding from his left thigh. He doesn’t let being limbless stop him though. In fact, I think he might acctually do more than some of my friends. He swims, plays golf, football, and even surfs! He is now a motivational speaker has written a book called  Life Without Limits: Inspiration for a Ridiculously Good Life (and many others, this is just the first one I heard about). He inspires me to keep going when things get hard and to never give up, as others have it harder than you and do more than you.


As you probably have guessed, I am not going to put a name on here, but she has got to be one of the strongest people I know. Her step dad went from being healthy to being life threateningly ill very quickly. He got diagnosed with pulmonary fibrosis, and was desperately in need of a double lung transplant. He had to wait only 5 days before he was rushed to Birmingham for the 12 hour procedure, and after he finally had it, his oxygen levels were 100%. However this did not last long, and his oxygen levels have gone back down to 72% and he is back in hospital (something to do with fluids in his lungs). My friend has been so brave (and so has her step dad and they’re whole family) and I am so proud of her for not letting this (completely) break her.

Also a HUGE shoutout to all my friends and family 😘

Who inspires you? Let us know by commenting below.

Newblogger20 xxx

10 thoughts on “People I think are amazing!!!”

  1. Hey @newblogger20…I like your post..
    I think there are few ppl in my life who inspires me in general and in tough times as well..
    I must say my mother, for being so patient and ever smiling.
    My bestie for being so wise for her age and always motivates me and guides me in my personal relationships.
    My husband for he is skilled in all the departments, be it in kitchen, be it driving, be it his hardwork in ofc, being so proactive in his family relations etc etc..

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  2. There’s so many people that could be classed as inspirational.

    Alex Zinardi- ex F1 driver lost both legs after after a racing accident, he still races now.
    After Billy Monger had his accident a few years ago Alex has spent time with him.

    The same could then be said for Billy who again is now racing again.

    But to be honest anyone who goes against grain whether it be cross dressers, transgenders, gays, lesbians or pansexual.
    People who don’t live under an assigned gender.
    But anyone who overcomes great tragedy and becomes a stronger person because of their ordeal, I love a very talented musician she went through a very hard time I would really like you to read her story, Franki Love is her name she is amazing.

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  3. I know many people will have different views but God never told us that women should wear makeup and dresses, and that men should wear trousers and shorts (I’m an atheist but I’m still pretty sure about that). People are amazing no matter what they wear, look like, or believe in. The fact that so many people disagree with making people feel happy in what they wear, is what makes him even more amazing to me. There are too many people in the world who are set on stereo types. It’s like telling a girl she can’t wear shorts because they are men’s clothes. If he wants to do that, he likely get a whole load of hate about it, but does it anyway. My grandparents know him. He has a wife (so is not gay) and is an amazing person. Just because a bully dresses like a princess, it doesn’t mean their nice. Just because he dress up like a woman, doesn’t mean he needs to be one, or should be misjudged for it.

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  4. I think that Grayson Perry’s art is great but I don’t like the fact that he dresses in girl’s clothes,
    I think that acting and dressing like the opposite gender is twisting god’s design for men/women which is wrong, and in some ways seems gay to me. I know some people might disagree with me, but i think that people shouldn’t change how god made them

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