My Accident

Hi guys!

So in my ‘abit about me’ I said I had an accident on my horse gypsy that put me in hospital, and that I would write a post about it sometime. Well I have some spare time now so here we go!?

(If you actually know me, and read this blog post, you will likely know who I am if you, but please don’t tell anyone. I don’t know anyone who blogs at WordPress, and I haven’t told anyone so I think we’re good 🤞🏻😂🤞🏻)

So around March (2018) We got my horse, Gypsy.  

Shorty after, I had an accident that put me in the burns unit in hospital. 

It was a really nice day and my mom suggested that me and my dad went out on a horse-bike ride (he is a keen cyclist) and explained the route we would be best of taking, explaining where we should canter, walk etc. And so we set off. Me on Gypsy, and Dad on his bike.

I was wearing a pale grey T-shirt, and jodhpurs, as I refused to wear my body protector, with the weather being hot and all, and decision I now deeply regret. The ride had gone well so far, a canter here and there, lots of trotting, abit of walking etc. We got to the point where my mom had suggested a long canter, and this is where it all went wrong…

Me and my Dad had different ideas to my Mom. We thought she meant a short canter, but she actually meant a longer one. The reason she said to do the longer one, was so that Gypsy was to tired out by the top to carry on galloping, making it easier to stop her (we were galloping towards home you see), however me and Dad did not know this. Do we did the shorter canter, about half the length. 

She was going too fast and was to strong. I couldn’t stop her. We got to the point I said I would stop, and I couldn’t. She carried on. We had passed the flat and the hill, and were now galloping, full speed, down a rocky path. I’m not going to lie, I was terrified. I went between stages of screaming and then realised she would only go faster, so I stopped and tried to calm.

As a rider, I generally put more weight in my right stirrup. What I have forgotten to inform you, is that I was an idiot. I didn’t do my girth up tight enough. The saddle was slipping, slowly, but definitely. I lost both my stirrups, and then managed to get back my right one, which, as you can imagine, didn’t help, as I was already tipped to the right. This was when the sane part of my brain kicked in. I knew the only ways I could stop, were to wait, or make her run into a gate, where I would likely fall of and be crushed. The saddle was slipping quicker now, and I knew that if it carried on, I risked getting my face smashed in by her humongous metal plated shoes (shod cob). This was NOT a risk I was willing to take…

So I jumped.

Honestly, I do not remember a lot about jumping off. I remember thinking it was the logical thing to do, and that breaking bones is better that brain injuries. I remember watching her gallop off and calling after her, crying and crying. I remember my dad coming up to me and asking if I was ok. And then we walked down to the gate, my dad having looked at my injuries and decided there were no broken bones. A man had caught Gypsy, but we never found out his name. He had experience with horses, and I’m so grateful he tried to catch her because if she got hurt… I don’t know what I would have done. Mom came in the car and toke me home, whilst dad walked Gypsy back. 

My mom and my gran argued for a while, and when my gran finally convinced mom to take me to hospital, she did.

The place I went was rubbish. They took of the dressings we had put on, and gave us pretty much the same stuff to put back on. 

I spent the entire car journey back to my home city where my mom suggested we toke me feeling sick and almost throwing up (I was at my grandparents). I was in so much pain (I’m sure it was nothing compared to broken bones but this is how I felt). I just wanted to sleep, but I couldn’t because I kept on rolling on to my injured side in the night, and then the pain would get worse all over again. We got home and I was admitted to the burns unit in the Bristol children’s hospital. 

Almost a year later, and I am fine. I still have scars, but I can do all the things a normal human can do. 

Have a nice day!

Newblogger20 xxx

19 thoughts on “My Accident”

  1. I’m glad that in the long run you are ok. i have to say that the theory of a longer canter to tire the horse and make it easier to stop is not one that works in my experience. Horses can be tired but still get excited and when excited they have amazing energy that surpasses anything we may have imagined. But at the end of the day this will never happen to you again. You will always check your girth now and will not pick up a canter heading for home. Maybe try it going away from home for a few strides and then bring Gypsy back to trot .Do that a few times and you will have given Gypsy a good idea of what you are asking for.

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  2. Wow, all I can say is you were so so lucky you were very courageous to jump off especially when you were not wearing your body protector.
    The scars are far less than I feared while reading, they are obviously a concern for you, I think any young lady would be conscious of them, but they healed extremely well, when the right people are around you from friends and family they don’t notice these things even strangers won’t notice them, to be honest with you the right people will look at the whole person and see the beauty of that person and not notice things that are right there in front of them, I will post the pictures of my accident scars so that you can see. I can use them again in my later post but people miss some of my scars and injuries xxx

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    1. Thank you. I am so lucky to have gotten out with so little injurys, and to the doctors surprise and delight I healed really quickly and really well, but I still get self conscious about the fact that I have scars on my back where people can see if I’m swimming or something like that. I am slowly coming to terms with it now though. You have already made me feel better about myself xxx

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      1. Trust me, the time you’ll feel so much better about it is when someone comes over and politely asks you what happened maybe another girl a year or two younger and you just explain what happened there will be a eureka moment when you realise they are the best people, the people that see and instead of staring come over and ask there is no better feeling and instead of hiding them or being self conscious of them embrace them as a part of the greater picture, you the survivor, you the courageous and you the person that didn’t turn around and quit, in full you the Hero xxx

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  3. Thank Cat you’re allright after all, Newblogger…Phew..My mom likes to ride horses also and Granny told me, when she was a little girl, she fell of the horse while riding in the woods, because he pranced, and then landed with his paw…foot on her had. She had a heavy concussion and didn’t want to ride any horse anymore for almost 25 years, until last year. She and my twofeet sibling are riding horses together now, without fear. Hope you are too 🙂 Extra Pawkisses for you and btw we don’t know who you are, but I’m very curious if we know you, remember I’m a cat😹 🐾😽💞

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  4. Well that sounds like a doozy. Glad you’re all right. Even though you have scars. Just shapes who we are to become. And what you had happen seems a lot more painful than broken bones. I’ve broken 5 ribs and I still feel like you were more miserable. Oh and embrace blogging. It’s a great outlet to get things off your chest or just creatively express yourself. ^_^


      1. Well a little back story first…I have a rare lung condition that causes me to have a lot of trouble breathing but I still manage to get around and live life but when I get sick I really get sick. I start to cough hard. Been diagnosed with bronchiolitis obliterans syndrome idiopathic for about four years now. They think it was caused by an auto immune disease….

        Anyways I got sick and started coughing really hard and they just well snapped. One right after another. Painful as it was I made it through. ^_^


  5. wow… thats terrible… but you know about what you said at the begin’ theres no reason to be ashamed of blog’n LOTS of people do it 😉

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