The consequences of obliviousness

Hi guys,

I haven’t blogged for a while due to not feeling great and also studying for tests, but I am back now, and with a short, but very important message.

When someone says something nasty to you, it hurts. Sometimes it is on purpose, and the comments sole purpose is to put you down, and make you feel sad or uncomfortable in your body or your life. Or sometimes, these same consequences occor, but the persons intention was never harmful, just thoughtless. These can sometimes be the worst. You don’t want to make whoever said it feel bad, but it still hurts all the same (On purpose hurts too but for the purpose of this particular post, I am focusing on accidental more).

When this happens, and someone says something that hurts, they don’t realise it does. But what not enough people realise, is the consequences of their actions.

My friend told me I was heavy so I started dieting, but then stopped after one of my guy friends told me I didn’t need too.

A girl in my year told me I was rubbish at sport, so I became really self conscious and stopped going to a club I had previously been so excited about.

My friend told me I was fat so I starved myself for days, until my mum found out and made me stop.

Oblivious hatred is a huge problem that we all face, and believe it or not, have probably done it in our past without realising.

Oblivious hatred causes self doubt, self harm, depression and sometimes even suicide. Don’t be a cause of someone’s self doubt, even if you don’t realise it. Think before you say.

This is an important meassage that not enough people are aware of. Repost and raise awareness.

Newblogger20 xxx

6 thoughts on “The consequences of obliviousness”

  1. OMG… So true! I wish many people can overcome this. I’ve had my own share of this experience, and it’s not funny. I’m daily overcoming this though and becoming a better version of the original me. Not the me other people think will fit me best! Thanks dear☺

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