Some heartfelt thank yous, a couple of updates, and Four months blogging!

Hi guys!

Wow. There is no other word I can think of right now. Wow. And thank you. On New Year’s Eve, I decided I wanted to start a blog, but I didn’t actually get round to starting a site until the the 10th of February, (One day after my birthday 🥳) and it then took me a further three days to actually write a blog post which I have put the link too here.

 I started this blog, just because its always been something I wanted to do I guess; write something anonymous that I could give an opinion on and not be judged. I expected this blog just to be a thing which I wrote that no one would ever bother to read, and you know what, I was fine with that. I didn’t mind if nobody read it because it started off just as a way of expressing my feelings. 

Four months later… and wow. I never ever thought I would get too this point in blogging. I am sitting here typing this quite speechless actually. I’m not sure what to say except thank you! I am going to do some more thank yous and explain my speechlessness (I think that’s a word… someone please let me know if it is 😂) later on, but for now I am just going to give you a few updates that only a few bloggers know about at the moment. 

As you know, my blog is anonymous. Only a few bloggers who have contacted me, or I have contacted them know my name, and my first thank you is too them for keeping my name secret! At some point in the future, I will reveal my name and face, but not yet. Recently, I made a huge decision and told a friend about my blog (Gasp), and gave her the link too it. At the time, I thought it was a great idea, and if it went well maybe after another 3 or so months I would tell someone else. 

Now… I’m not so sure. 

She seemed happy for me at first, a little surprised, but happy and I felt some weight had been lifted off my shoulders by telling her, but later on she mentioned that I probably shouldn’t have told her, and should have left it anonymous. I’m not going to lie… this upset me. I thought telling her first was the right decision, but maybe I shouldn’t have. She said she would check it out, did when we were on the bus, but then kind of ignored it, which was fine really. 

My friend, who I shall call “Alice” for privacy reasons, kept the secret really well for a while, and then, a conversation came up with me, “Alice” and another of my best friends, who I will call “Jemma” about something and “Alice” kept on asking me if “I’d told her yet”, which really annoyed me because I hadn’t wanted to tell anymore people yet. In the end, I told her, a decision… that funnily I don’t regret at all. I told her about it, gave her the link, and we carried on as normal.

 Later the next day, “Jemma” told me she checked it out and it was cool. In a way, I kind of wish I had told her first. No offence to “Alice”, but I think she would have kept the secret better. “Alice”, if you are reading this… you will know who you are. I love you so much and always will, I just think telling “Jemma” (who will also know who she is) first would have been better. Please don’t hold this against me. 

So, back too what I originally planned to blog about in this post.

Yesterday I reached 100 followers!!!!!! 🥳❤️🥳

Here are some thank yous I would like too say!

My first thank you has to be too my first follower! GRACE THROUGH FAITH @ THE GODLY CHIC DIARIES. Huge thanks to grace for putting a huge smile on my face when I got that first notification that said “you have your first follower”.
Another thank you too Joshua, my 100th follower! I only recently discovered this blog, but love it! Please check it out!

Ok so now that I have thanked these people, it is time to move on to some more thank yous and recommendations of blogs and bloggers I love and deeply respect ❤️

Lydia Rose – I love your blog and also you as a person. You are funny, relatable, and I’m so glad I sent you a follow request ❤️
Elisha – Here is where my first apology comes in, but also one of my biggest thank yous. I am sorry and so so grateful for you putting up with me having no clue what I was doing in our collab (and just in general 😂), and for giving me my first award. Your blog is amazing, you are awesome. Thank you 😘
Anonymous girl – Your blog rocks, you are funny, lovable, and incredible, and I always enjoy our “too long” chats in the comments section even if they probably annoy other people 😂. You rule girl 💋
Clive – You made me feel so much better about myself and my scars, and you are a really great person. Than you for taking the time to make me feel better ❤️
Keziah – You are hilarious, write such amazing things and are just an all round amazing girl. Never stop loving cheese x ❤️😂❤️
Lydia – I love you, I love your blog… you are incredible. Thank you for always stopping by and making my day 😘
Sue – Here is my last apology and thank you. Thank you for putting up with my questioning and getting back to me when you had almost figured it out later on. You are an amazing person whom we should all strive to be like ❤️❤️❤️

Another huge thank you to all my followers and everyone reading this! You all rule and deserve the world and more ❤️ I love all of you but if i put every single blog on here that I love, I would be here for hours! So I have just put the blogs who I owe a huge thank you too and have helped me so much in getting to where I am today.

I have exams next week, so will be revising a lot, but i had some spare time now and i felt I needed to thank you all. Keziah and Lydia R, I will try and do the awards soon, and I’m honoured you nominated me!

Love you all, and see you in my next post 😘

Have a nice day!

Newblogger20 xxx

28 thoughts on “Some heartfelt thank yous, a couple of updates, and Four months blogging!”

  1. It’s so sweet of you to do these shoutouts! 😊💕 Some of these bloggers I recognize and some are new to me. I find new bloggers to follow through recommendations like these. 😇

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Awww thank you, I’m flattered!

      When you first came to my blog, I tried to check out yours but it said it was deleted? I also checked in reader and couldn’t find it. Will finally be able to check it out! 🥰

      Liked by 3 people

  2. Also, my story is a little similar to yours. I started this blog ramdomly because I thought that it would be really fun and cool to just have a blog, but I didn’t think I’d really get any followers, especially ones as awesome and nice as you 😆 But, I put a password on cuz I really don’t want my family/friends to find out about it. I haven’t told any one yet, but I might tell my beset friend some time. I don’t know, though. Anyways, that’s why I have a password, if you wondered 😊 (but, it is harder to get followers that way 😔). I really hope that someday you’ll post a picture and tell your name… 😊

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Doing blogging without telling family is even harder than it sounds. I have to write my posts when my parents think I’m asleep. I feel so guilty… but I don’t want them to know yet x and yeah. Some day 😘 I was thinking about why you had a passcode this morning actually 😂❤️ 😂 Nice to finally know xxx

      Liked by 2 people

      1. 😂 Well, yeah, I guess I’ve never really told anyone why I had a passcode. Not that it’s a secret, but… I know what you mean! It’s hard, that’s why I don’t post super often.

        Liked by 2 people

  3. Aww!!! You rock!! ❤️❤️ You are just so sweet!!! 😘 Thank you so much, also 😊 And I’m so happy for you! Congratulations 🎉 You are awesome at blogging, keep it up 👏🏻 ❤️

    Liked by 3 people

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